Do I need Grasshopper?

I have looked a little into Grasshopper and wonder if I can benefit from it (apart from the fun of it).

I do not have any kind of serial production and make models of very varied type.

I very much appreciate it if someone can give me an idea of whether it’s worth the effort getting into Grasshopper? What is its strengths?

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I’d say it’s always worth it to to learn it. You’l be able to see more applications for it if you understand what it can do. What kind of products do you design in Rhino?

Hey nfoldager,

grasshopper definitely pays off. it’s a pretty beginner-friendly tool that has developed a lot over the years. there’s the grasshopper primer Third Edition of the Grasshopper Primer | Foundations Released - Grasshopper, a lot of tutorials on the web and the very helpful community here.
parametric modelling is one of the most powerful tools at the moment.

just try it out, even i do something with grasshopper from time to time, even if it’s just playing around.


You want Grasshopper if you want to parametrize or edit the modelling process, to automate or optimize, to explore more design possibilities, or more in general, to program in rhino. Grasshopper is about processes, if you are interested in having control over them then you are interested in Grasshopper.

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That cause alone can be worth it, in my opinion.

Then, If you have Rhino 7, you have access to Grasshopper Player.
With Grasshopper Player you would be able to create a rhino command/button that helps you while producing your models.
You might be able to convert an usual “step” you often do on rhino, which might results a bit boring and repetitive, into a single click function.

So, not for generating parametized models, but with some knowledge of grasshopper you might realize where and when integrate grasshopper player to speed up your work on rhino.


I do not have any kind of serial production process and work on very varied geometry but I find my process working with Rhino often has similar repetitive elements to it. I automate some of these using python and GrassHopper allows similar automation. Also there are lots of useful plugins for specific jobs. Having a working knowledge of GrassHopper will unlock these tools for you and gradually open up new working methods and possibilities for you.

Happy scripting !


Hi Niels,

What type of projects are you using Rhino for?
Grasshopper can be beneficial in all types of projects if you share some of the projects you worked on it would be much easier to give explicit examples of GH uses.