Do all doc objects have a 'local' transform?

I recently worked on a texture mapping project in which I retrieved the texture mapping transform from a doc object using Rhino.DocObjects.RhinoObject.GetTextureMapping(). Do all objects have this ‘local’ transform somewhere, even if they are not texture mapped, or is this transform only tracked if they do have a texture map? If it exists for all doc objects, I would find access to this local space useful. How does the Gumball know what to align to for ‘align to object’ mode?




Based on what is selected, the Gumball will try its best to figure out the best ‘plane’ from with to align. For example, if you’ve selected a planar surface, then the Gumball will just align to the surface’s plane. If you’ve selected the edge of a Brep, then the calculation gets a little more complicated (and subjective).

Ok thanks!