Dll documentation inside Grasshopper node?

Hello to all,

when I load my DLL into a grasshopper node (C#), I can’t see the DLL documentation.

I comment my classes like this:


/// Population double[][]

Should I commented in a different way? or create a chm file?
thanks for the help

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Those comments end up in an xml file alongside the dll. You don’t need the xml to run the code, but it does need to be there if you want to see the comments. Is it still there?

Hi thanks,

what do you mean about is it still there?
When I reference the dll in a project in vs I can see the documentation.


Is the xml file still next to the dll you are referencing?

If you reference the exact same dll in VS and it works there, then probably the xml file is where it is supposed to be and something else is wrong. If you can upload the xml+dll pair I can test over here.

What .NET framework is the dll compiled against? The editor we use in GH is quite old and doesn’t understand some of the new language features. It is also easily confused and gives up very quick. There’s not much we can do about it, except switch to a better code editor in the next version.

got it.
the dll came alone from github, the xml is missing.

Very best