Division Component Ran Twice? [SOLVED, I'm Dumb Sometimes]

I’m working on a definition and have a 2 division components and one of them runs once and the other one runs twice. But as far as I can tell each one has only one parameter going into it for each “A” / “B” input. I’m not sure how this might affect me downstream as I continue working on this project. But is this running correctly, and if so where did I go wrong to have one run a single time and the other run twice?

Curve To ParaFlat.gh (25.8 KB)


It looks like you connected both the panel division height input and the panel division length input into the second division. I’m assuming only panel division height should be in there.

Just looking at your image, your “Panel division height” component is outputting a list (the wire is thick)…


Ah yes, I see that now. Thanks to both of you. Definitely meant to replace the length value.