Division: changes of behavior after GHPY compilation

I have a problem
This component works properly before compiling
But after compiling the output it makes a mistake
What is the reason for this bug? Thank you.

Hi @amirrgoli

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We will need some more background in order to be able to tell something useful.

  • an example
  • the exact method of compiling
  • if you use libraries

i used method 1 for compiling
from math import sqrt,pi,e,log
from ghpythonlib.components import ConstructDomain,Range,ConstructPoint,Interpolate,RuledSurface,Area

example.gh (4.7 KB)
example.ghpy (36 KB)

Thank you

Sorry, this is probably an old future vs. old division.
4/3 should be written as “4.0/3.0”. The same for all other places where divisions come up.

The default compiler compiles with the default division of Python. An alternative fix, is that you add:
from __future__ import division
to the beginning of the file.

Python 3 will fix this.
I also added an issue to our bugtracker: RH-52820, but this will be fixed by a Python update I think.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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