Dividing Surface Fragments at random lengths

Hi everyone,

I am trying to achieve the following result for my landscape design project. I managed to split my surface into the fragments I wanted, but I do not know now how to split them further at random lengths similar to the image below.

I was following this tutorial to help me: Video Tutorial
; but the isotrim node only does the division in a grid structure and ignores the shape of my surface. Any suggestion would help me very much!

Thank you
Arcus.3dm (189.3 KB)

Division.gh (11.6 KB)

Here’s one-way using Lunchbox plugin.

Division_re.gh (30.6 KB)


Wow, thank you very much. I am bit new to grasshopper and I appreciate your help a lot. I looked through your definition, and would also want to know how would I go about selecting the remaining list, from the one you have seperated(in blue). Thanks :laughing:

Division_reV2.gh (31.5 KB)

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