Dividing Curve Issue

Hello Guys,

just have a strange issue with the simple division of 1 curve.
I’m trying to divide a curve by a number of segments, and usually it is dividing it into segments with the same lentghs.
In my case there are some points really close, so I don’t know why this is happening.
Maybe someone of you have seen this before?

Thanks for help

Best Regards

Difficult to say without being able to look at the file.

I would probably rebuild the curve and then divide.

Hello Martin,

ok thanks for the answer, its a really big file so I don’t want to overwhelm you.
Will try it thanks.

Well you could export just the mesh or surface with the boundary curve derived…

You could Rebuild Curve that edge curve before dividing it? Speculation without the geometry to examine first hand (a GH file!).