Dividing complex models into seperate files

Is there a way to model components that make for a complex model in seperate smaller files that will, or can be synced? It would be nice if each component could be modeled from the default zero point and then later placed in the larger model where needed. It would also be nice if one didn’t have to manage numerous components when needing to modify just one of them.

Yes. Model each component in a separate file and then in the master file, insert each file as a linked or linked and embedded block. When you update the component files, the master file will update. You can choose an insertion point and scale for each insertion.


An alternative to blocks is to split the model into multiple files, then use Worksession to display the files together and switch between which files is active. The data on the other files can be used for referencing, snaps, trimming/splitting objects, etc but cannot be modified. Only data in the currently active file can be modified.

This can also be done using layers and sub-layers. The primary advantages to putting the data in separate files is when one file would be too large, or if parts of the model will be used in several models.

That’s great news (to me). That functionality is in the Mac Version right?

Blocks, yes, worksessions, not yet. Beware with the block method, the references are absolute (not relative) file paths IIRC, so you should not move the master or the linked files after starting - otherwise you will have some work re-linking everything.

And is it possible to open the same master in different computers without losing the links? We have our files in a dropbox