Dividing a path evenly

Hi All,

Hoping someone has a simple solution to this!


  • Path Centre Line (red)
  • Path Width
  • Max joist span/headstock spacing

The plan is to create a script that will space headstocks along a path evenly. The trick is when the path changes direction… You cannot just divide the centreline, as your outside edge spacing will be greater than the maximum allowable span. See below screenshots as an example:

Dividing path along the centreline (not correct):

Dividing path based on longest length per segment (correct):

The second screenshot “Dividing path based on longest length per segment (correct)”. was drawn manual in Rhino. I’m not sure how to do this in grasshopper.

Please upload GH.

dividing path 2.gh (15.7 KB)

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Hi Riccardo,

That works perfectly, Thank you!