Dividing a brep into UV?

Hi there,
I´m trying to divide a Brep in u/v direction. In the scipt I have a base geo and the final one.
I tried to divide the base Geometry and the finised geometry, which didn´t work.
The attached script includs the problematic script I have used to genetate the brep as well as a goal script with a single srf. as an example.
Any Ideas ?
Dividing new srf in UV.gh (125.9 KB)

So I found an easier answer. Basicly you take the bottem Edge and divide ist Take the corssporduct of the tanget in the point and z axes to create planes and then do a insect crv Plane. You will have to many crvs from overlapping planes. This is easy to fix. Use the distance from start point of the crv and the plane and sort by shortest and use List item to find the rigth crvs. Now the side is solved. The Top part for the “finished geo” is still to go I will post an update as soon as I find a salution.