DivideAlongCreases problem, or lack of creases created by sweep1 problem

Divide along creases doesn’t seem to work in the case described here.crease split.3dm (146.1 KB)

Version 6 SR13
(6.13.19035.17431, 2/4/2019)

Hi Peter - I do not have a good answer on this one - I’d expect the result to be split between the long leg and the middle bit if anything as that is a G1 condition and not on the short leg, where it is G2 between the edges… this apart from any DivideAlongCreases after the fact. I think if anything, what ever goes wrong is before the Divide - the sweep does not put a fully multiple knot (kink) at that location where you’re expecting a split, which it would need to do for DivideAlongCreases to do its thing.