DivideAlongCreases fail

This SumSurface is composed of (per _List):
curve[0]: 4-point PolylineCurve (in a 1-segment PolyCurve)
curve[1]: LineCurve

The contiguous segments of the polyline are about 0.07° non-tangent. Even when the model’s angle tolerance is set to 0.001°, _DivideAlongCreases with both SplitAtTangents and SplitAtKinks set to Yes does not split the surface.


DivideAlongCreases_me.3dm (139.4 KB)

[The surface was derived from the first model in Bad Boolean Union in V7/V8 ]

Dear @spb
If you really need to divide those surfaces along the crease:

workaround - you can use
_split (IsoCurve, shrink = yes)
and snap to the CVs

for me this looks like a (minor) bug - is it possible that the angle tolerance of divideAlongCrease is hardcoded - instead of being linked to the document angular tolerance ?
_useExtrusion - disabled
_creaseSplitting - disabled…
will allow to build those simple surfaces.
Angle Tolerance 0.001
the one with a 0.5 Degree kink will not divideAlongCrease…

the one with 2.0 Degree will also divide if Angle Tolerance is set to 5 Degree…
(on Mac, Version 7 (7.27.23032.13002, 2023-02-01))

DivideAlongCreases_Bug.3dm (3.0 MB)

kind regards - tom

Hi Tom - it seems likely the command has a hard coded tolerance - I’ll ask.
Indeed the angle is hard coded. Seems to be 1 degree.