DivideAlongCreases command not splitting all creases

I have a surface that has 2 creases in it created by multiple knots. I would like to split that surface into 3 separate surfaces. When I run the DivideAlongCreases command, the resulting polysurface only has 2 surfaces in it. I think this is due to the fact that the center section has one degenerate edge (control points co-located). If I separate the control points in the degenerate edge or trim the front bit off, it does split into 3 surfaces.

snapt to knot for the split-position

if this does not help, post the file please

kind regards -tom

Hello- please post the surface in a 3dm file here (public) or send to tech@mcneel.com with a link back to this topic in your comments.

RH-71867 DivideAlongCreases fails with stacked control points