Divide surface to certain area but random in each levels

Hi Guys,
I have a metaball seating area and I want to Fabricate it. The problem is that I want to use it in the CNC machine and the MDF sheets are 1Meters by 2 Meters. Firstly I want to divide each of these surfaces to fit in MDF board (1Meter*2Meter).
Second of all, I don’t want to divide each level the same as others because I don’t want to see same cut lines on each level and it won’t look nice .
Thank you so much I really appreciate if you can help me.

metaball surface Gh test.gh (714.1 KB)

I don’t like giving half answers, but I really have to go and I think this is 90% there.
It doesn’t work, but the only thing left is to bring the paths at the correct positions in the last module.
If you can take it from here (or maybe somebody else) nice. otherwise I’ll visit it tomorrow.

sheets.gh (734.7 KB)

Your tree structure is correct.
It seems that those curves are extremely heavy for region intersection.
10 seconds for each intersection seems really too much.
But those shapes are not much complex, 300 points at degree 3 … o.O?

Anyway, even doing “Curve Boolean” command in rhino is faster than GH, but still strangely slow.

Something fishy is going on.

(to others: disable GH solver before loading Aris’s definition, and then disable Region intersection manually)

that was a difficult one!
I thing I found a solution, but bear in mind it takes a loooot of time.
I put a data dam and also deactivated the ‘heavy’ region intersection so that the file can open fast. But once you activate it, it will take literally minutes (8 in my system).
I’m sure someone can do a better job but that was my best try!
*also there is no optimization for where to cut, but I couldn’t devote any more time)

sheets.gh (740.3 KB)

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Boy, I didn’t see that when I opened that box here a few days ago.
Nice, @anikolo!

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Wow this is amazing. I tried with boolean and surface curve intersection but it didn’t work but this method is really nice. I crashed my computer once but I will try.
Thank you so much I learned a lot! very very appreciate it.