Divide Surface into strips

Hi there
I’m sure somebody can help me.
I have a plane surface that I want to divide into strips, 1 meter wide (dividing ceiling beams for wooden structure). The angle should be variable as an input. I have trouble with the existing tools (e.g. Lunchbox) because they are all based on the UV direction and I can’t find a way to rotate the UV direction to any angle.

I think I found a way with the element “Instersect-Mathematical-Contour”

Contour_re_v1.gh (8.1 KB)

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Great, thank you very much.
Another short question:
What is the easiest way to remove the yellow lines from the black lines? I only need the black lines, where there is no yellow line. Unfortunately they have different lenghts so I can’t just “Remove duplicate lines”.

There are no easy way for doing this. Luckily we have Daniel Piker

Thanks for the answer. Is there no easier way to subtract the overlapping lines, I’m not quite happy with the Topologizer Cleanup for the work I have to do?