Divide surface based on NORMAL plane direction

When diving surface, the grid/points generated are following the curvature of the surface normally.
How to divide this surface with no consideration of the surface curvture. I mean dividing surface based on the original plane orientation.

Hi Mba2moon,

Do you mean divide the surface with respect to the World XY coordinate system?
If so, you can just use the Brep | Plane (Section) component and feed it a series of YZ planes that describe the slices, then use those curves to split the surface.

If you attach the definition we can help a little more :slight_smile:

thank you so much…

I still have a problem that when I divide the curve, rows are not aligned with the Y axis.
each curve are divided from the starting points, while I need all curves to divided from the same starting point in order to have them aligned on X and Y axis.