Divide sub-divide curve (helix) by set degrees around axis?

I’m trying to divide an interpolated curve into segments by degrees from the axis (Z). I know I can achieve the angle by converting Cartesian coordinates to polar using Atan(y,x)… My existing points are in green

How would I divide the curve by degrees? For instance, every 4 degrees? So regardless of the curve diameter, there would be 90pts per revolution.

I was trying to do it this way


How about providing a file? Without it, it’s always difficult to give a correct and adequate solution to a problem. A screenshot of a partial definition doesn’t always provide the right amount of information and makes it harder for people - willing to help - to toy around with it, which is a big part of finding an answer.

That said, if I understand correctly, you already have all the division angles for the curve figured out (shown by the panel)? Wouldn’t the the list length, or probably the list length - 1 of your angle list, give you the right amount of segments to divide the curve by. Simply try to divide by segments, instead of by length!

If this simple solution doesn’t work for you, you could also try to remap the angle values to the curve domain and then evaluate the curve with the remapped values to find the points.
Extract the domain of your curve. Please note that it should probably be reparameterized beforehand, for it to have a domain between 0.0 and 1.0! After that, remap your angle values, which also provide a domain from their minimum to their maximum value, to the target domain of your reparameterized curve.
The next step, would be to input these values into the parameter input of an evaluate curve component, and your reparameterized curve into its curve parameter. This should return the points too.