Divide plot by four with galapagos

I want to divide plot (inside a polyline) for four similiar areas (with straight angle between them). I stooped at creating point (moveable when using galapagos) but I don’t know how to create lines going from that point to polyline…
I’m begginger, so I will be very pleased with help
thanks in advance


this might be kind of solution.
To be used on convex shapes.

How it works:

  1. Places the circle in centroid. (My guess is that crossing point would be always near the centroid. :slight_smile: ) Radius to be set.
  2. Evaluates the point on that surface.
  3. Places orthogonal pair of lines through point.
  4. Splits the plot in 4 segments.
  5. Then u/v coordinates and rotation angle of orthogonal pair of lines are fed into Galapagos genome. To narrow down the options angle range is 0-90. In that manner all possibilities are covered.
  6. Min/max relative deviation of segment areas is plugged into Fitness function. Minimazing towards 0.

I have to note that i am begginer in Galapagos, so this might be not the best solution.

But it gives results. Roughly, after 10th generation less than 5% deviation, after 50th generation less than 1%.

4 simillar plots.gh (16.6 KB)


I’m absolutely, positively sure this can be done quite simply with Kangaroo, but I have no idea how…,

I stopped with that (gh file in atteched) but stopped before creating 4 closed polylines inside (that was created based with the polyline
plot_opti.gh (18.9 KB) plot_opti.gh (18.9 KB)