Divide Length polyline?

Hi Everyone! I am kind of new working with grasshopper!
For school I am working on a copper pit model, and I need to recreate this sort of platforms that should appear for every x distance. In order to find the points where these platforms should be built, I used the DivideLength component.
However, I am troubled with creating the surfaces. Is there any way to select the lines that have a point result of the divide length (in one list).
I thought of creating the surfaces by moving this point perpendicularly to the line where the divide length “lays” (screenshot n2) and later on redrawing a polyline, however, I can;'t find a way to get all of these lines in one list (in RED in the pictures below).

Also: How do I delete all of the “surplus” points on the first level of the model? Thank you so so much!!!

Protocolo de Integracion 25.10-2.gh (102.7 KB)