Divide domain over 1/4 sphere with straight lines


I want to make a space frame which is parametric in amount of divisions over the sphere and size of metal tubes.
I’m struggling with the ‘divide domain’ because the raster of the frame looks like its divided from the center point but i want it to be straight.

(in red you can see how i want it to be)

If you know how to fix this please let me know!
Thanku :slight_smile:

space frame quarter sphere.gh (53.4 KB)

(This is the grasshopper file im working in)

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Your curves are not internalized.

Is this helpful?

sphere_divide_2020May26a.gh (10.0 KB)

What about this?

sphere_divide_2020May26b.gh (26.1 KB)

Thanku this is what I was searching for! :blush:

Only how can I ‘embed’ your divided sphere in the space frame? Can I transfer the breps to curves? Or how can I connect it so that the curves become metal tubes and such.

I’m a bit lost :sweat_smile:
It’s the same grasshopper file as in my first post.

This is a screenshot, I think the connection needs to be made with this isotrim :thinking: not sure

Let me know,