Divide Curve: more points at higher degrees of curvature?

I was updating a few of our internal GH components today, and this question came to mind.

When using CreateFromCurvePipe, as the accuracy is increased, it appears that there is more division at higher points of curvature. (which makes sense, circled in Orange in screenshot below). My question is…Is there a similar method/logic that could be applied to curves? The end goal would be to essentially divide a curve with a similar “accuracy” slider, which would add more points at higher degrees of curvature.

That is what Fit Curve component does to the control points, then you can just curve closest point. Change the tolerance is same as accuracy. Change curve degree also for more options.

Fit.gh (5.6 KB)


That will absolutely do the trick. Thanks pal!
We have a few methods that get close/similar, but we didn’t have very good accuracy control. This solves this problem.

For completion, (if anyone is interested), the method in rhinocommon is…fit.