Divide curve line segment

Please anyone suggest me how to select divide curve line segments individually or How can I apply different size of steel beams on every curve line segments.

Assignment2.gh (22.7 KB) Assignment2.gh.3dm (27.3 KB)

Thanks in advance

The tree is not flattened, so you can use explode tree to select an individual segment: Assignment2.gh (22.7 KB)

Thanks ME_Mark for your response. This tree explodes only first segment of the dividing curve, but does not explode in all other segment.

I would like to help you, but I do not quite understand what you are tying to do, please try to re-explain the objective.

Actually I want to divide the curve into segment so that I can apply different depths of the H-beam to each bay

Like this? Otherwise you have to provide a simple sketch or a better explanation: Assignment2_ME.gh (22.7 KB)
These are just rectangular sections for the beams, you can replace these with other section shapes.

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