Divide curve and disregard the first and last parts of the curve

Hi, I’m aware I can cull the list to remove the first and last parts of the shattered curve. But in some situation, the 1st point that splits the curve might happen to be the curve start point, then the first shattered curve should be kept. I wonder if there is any way to keep the shattered parts in-between the 1st point and last point?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

if the shattering parameters are inside the domain of the Curve, then for x shattering parameters you should get x+1 resulting Curve parts

if the shattering parameter is exactly over the Curve start/end point [or if two shattering parameters are the same] then those particular points will not divide the curve, which means you will have x shattering parameters and “not x+1” resulting Curve parts

maybe you could use that info to cull the first segment when needed?
this might be working, but with the assumption that the end shattering parameter is never equal to the end domain of your original Curve, and all your shattering parameters for a given curve are different

Maybe something like this?

cull based on first point.gh (9.8 KB)