Divide Component Parallel Computing Error

‘Divide Curve’ component says “Solution Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” when the parallel computing is turned on while it works fine with the parallel computing turned off.

Is there a reason for this? Any method to fix?

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Can you post a file with the internalised curve data?

Divide Component Error.gh (23.8 KB)

Here. Let me know if you need anything else.

In similar way, Brep / Plane section component freezes when the parallel computing is turned on, but runs fine without it, too. Is there a way to turn off all the parallel computing at once?

Parallel computing really should be turned off by default. The benefits of parallel computing typically takes some testing, at least for the simplest operations, to determine if it really gives any benefit, and therefore it shouldn’t be turned on by default.

// Rolf

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There was some discussion about this internally, and we (eventually) decided to switch it on by default because that would be the only real test we’d get concerning Rhino’s thread-safety. Pretty soon there’s going to be a lot of multi-threaded code using the Rhino SDK and we need to find issues asap. Sadly the only way we had of doing field testing now was to put Grasshopper at risk.

Well, I can see the point. With this reason it’s OK for me.

// Rolf