Divide a polygon into AS MANY possible parts of a given area

I know there are a lot of questions like this. But I think this one is a bit different:
My goal is to optimize the usage of real-estate property: I want to split properties (=Polygons) into smaller pieces that all have the same given area. Please note that I do not want to set the amount of segmentations. I want to maximize the amount of segmentations (that have a certain area). Also note that I do not need a certain shape (like length/width/form). Only the area is provided. The segments can be orthogonal or polygonal (voronoi-like).

Things I´ve tried so far:

  1. The solutions given under this link are great but they do not maximize the segmentation of a given size. They “only” split the polygon into the given amount of segments but do not maximize it.
    Help! How to divide trimmed surface into multiple equal parts - #13 by ajarindia

  2. Since I do not provide the shape of the areas, it´s not really a “packing”-problem isn´t it? Therefore packrat or OpenNest do not suit my problem since they “only” pack given shapes into other shapes. The packings they provide as a solution are also not maximized (like shown in the image)?

  1. I would prefer a solution not using galapagos. Since it´s a little bit bulky :frowning:

My question: How do I divide a polygon into as many parts as possible (all having the same area).

Something similar to that:

EDIT: I think I was a little bit stupid on this one :smiley: The maximium amount of segmentation is obviously the given area divided by the complete property area. Changing the geometry of the segmentation will not change that at all :smiley: Since a glass of liquids will not suddenly carry more volume just by rearranging the different liquids inside it :smiley: That means I just have to calculate the maximum amount of segmentations and divide the area by this number (like in the link provided above). Done. Any thoughts on how to maximize the number with a fixed shape (packing)?

Thanks in advance!