Divide a non-straight closed solid polysurface into multiple polysurfaces

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to divide & split a non straight closed polysurface into multiple (even) polysurfaces. I tried with contour but ofcourse the divide section only follows a straight line but what I want is that the cut section should follow the reference curve.

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Hello - if that is on an arc, make a vertical plane, and ArrayPolar on the center of the arc.


Hi Pascal

It’s a random Spline without any center :frowning:

Hello - in that case OrientOnCrv > Perpendicular the plane.



also you can either use one of the cross sections and use ArrayCrv to distribute them alog the path or split the object with strigh lines also using arrayCrv.

Hi all

By reading the suggested solutions here, it seems to me that _CutPlane command would be a nice way to approach the problem.

As it is implemented now, it is not ideal but with an extra option ie. …

AroundCrv or PerpFrom or NormalTo
(+ AutoSplit or AutoCut)

… creating a set of CutPlanes oriented as desired, starting ie. from a predefined set of evenly distributed points on a edge or crv ( in this case) would help.

Rodolfo Santos

Thank you for your help. It’s a very helful solution

Thank you Diego, I solved the problem with your solution