DIVA/ClimateStudio kind of GH Component UI

hi @DavidRutten ,

The solemma plugins have a really nice implementation of IGH_VariableInputParameter which features a right click context menu that can input strings directly in that menu OR click it and add a GH_TextParam.

I was told that Jon Sergant that they did not develop this code but something they got from you long time ago. Is that code shared anywhere?

All the best, mathias


@mrhe cc’ed

@sonderskovmathias, we have similar functionality in GreenScenario’s automation component. Check out this tutorial around the 2:20 mark:

If you’re interested I can share the relevant bits of code here.

Hi mariusz, thanks but that is not exactly what I’m looking for. (Unless im looking in the wrong part of your very nice tutorial :slight_smile: )
It’s the combination of the popup context menu (where you can se values directly in the menu OR add the items as params)

@DavidRutten should have the code somewhere // fingers crossed

See what you mean now, I thought you were after the variable input part… In this case, I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for David sharing the code.

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