DIVA 4.0 Simulation - Cannot recognise Thermal zone

Hello everyone,

I am having some difficulties in using Diva and Archsim for my model simulation, and I would like to have you helps!

As you can see in the GH file, I have a model with all of elements needed for a building (roof, floors, cores, facade, window, ground-floor). This 07-storey-building is quite special with series of open-to-belows connecting the whole building into one thermal zone. That is why I cannot separate the building into several zones. That leads to the problem that I cannot configure the floors, and the thermal zone is recognised by EnegyPlus component.

Would you please help me to help me to make the EnergyPlus component recognise the thermal zone?! And it would be perfect if the floors are configured in the thermal zone.

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,


03-01-2019 - ArchSim - Asking.gh (2.0 MB)

DEU_Berlin.103840_IWEC.epw.zip (218.6 KB)