Distributing custom rhino settings with software release


I’m trying to figure out how to create a custom settings file that overrides the defaults for many Rhino settings. Users of a plugin we are distributing must have specific view settings, mouse settings, etc. for the software to work properly, and they are not typical Rhino users but rather novices who don’t know how the larger software tool operates. We currently handle this by checking certain settings on startup and forcing them to be what is necessary, but this doesn’t seem like a great solution. To me it is more ideal if all the settings could be stored in a single XML file or other readable format that could be source-controlled and distributed with the plugin, rather than embedding scripts to modify settings within our RHP file.

I’ve found the settings-Scheme_Default.xml but it doesn’t include all the settings that are found in the “Options” dialog box. Ideally every single thing in that options dialog would be modifiable from our distributed options file. For example, we want to modify mouse click and drag settings, which currently is only accessible manually or by running a Rhino script.

Rhino knows what its default settings are, however, since there is an option to “restore defaults”. So, where is this stored? Is there a file like this somewhere?

Ah wait–that’s what the “OptionsExport” and “OptionsImport” commands are for, I think? See here.

Well, I think it should work for me, and perhaps whoever else might be looking for this.