Distribute windows


is there currently a way to distribute windows etc. along a wall evenly without this workflow:

1- create a line
2- divide it with points
3-build windows at position of points
4-select the points
5-delete the points

maybe I just don’t see it…



Hi Andreas, does the vaOpeningArray command work for you?

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thanks for the quick reply… no, not really, since I need to know the exact position of the first window to get this going with vaOpeningArray… I thought about something like:

  • [execute new command “distribute windows along wall”]
    -“which wall for distibution?” → user select wall
    -“select window style” → user select window
    -“how may windows?”-> user input number

→ I attached a pic to illustrate what I meant…

Allright, so you need to distribute x number of windows along a wall with the same separation among them, right? we can consider adding this option in the Opening Array command for future versions.
In any case, with a GH definition you can achieve that. Find it attached. Just need to pick a wall, select the window style, and the width dimensions.

Opening Array.gh (14.6 KB)

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