Distribute specific geometry according to sampled image

So far I’ve only managed to generate the geometry directly in gh using lines and extrusions and have managed to generate the correct output of the geometry itself. What I can’t seem to manage is it distributing the geometry according to rgb values of a given image.

I would find it much simpler to just generate an array of points where I need them to be and attach specific geometry (created directly in archicad) to them and have them distribute themselves according to the image.

For the geometry itself, there are 2 variables: length and folding angle. The brighter in color the image, the longer and more of an angle to the fold I’d like them to be.

I’m here because I just can’t seem to make it work :melting_face:

Also, I’ve only been using gh for the last couple of days and this is just killing me.

220701_Panouri-random-cu-lungimi 2.gh (3.0 MB)