Distribute points in a circle that have an even distance

I made this perforated circular panel in a grasshopper.
The problem with this is the holes don’t have the same distance between each other.

I tried the Collider goal with Kangaroo( just added collision distance to the points), but the result is not evenly distributed points. I guess Collider goal → kangaroo is not the solution.

Is there any pattern or method that can solve this problem? or nearly solve this problem? (somehow I have a feeling it is something that could be solved completely )


This is the method I created for the original one.

My try with Kangaroo:
tried with collider kangaroo.gh (13.7 KB)

If you want the holes all the same distance from each other, I think you need to base your distribution on a triangular or hexagonal grid.


Unfortunately it is geometrically impossible to have a combination of: same size holes, holes at set radius intervals from disc centre and equidistant holes. So you have to decide what you are willing to compromise to get an acceptable result.

I think your disk represents a good result.



Yes, I think that is much easier way.

Thank you! Got it!