Distribute pattern on surface

hey guys, is there a better way (maybe patterning tools) to distribute the pattern (3 dots in a distance of 38cm from each other) equally on the balloons surface? my approach was only flow along a tube surface and than pull them by the balloon shape. But this is not effective, no need to have the same distance but rather evenly distributed. thanks! Hannes

I’ve had this problem before. As you can see, the topology converges at the north and south poles. Any automated distribution will make the spacing tighter and objects smaller when they converge.

I would try to manually arrange them on an un-wrapped / flattened surface, then do the flow command. Make sure the surface is the EXACT SAME dimensions as the un-wrapped balloon surface. It will probably take a few rounds of ‘trial and error’ to get the best results.

Hello- obviously it cannot work out ‘correctly’ without some adjustment to the number of objects as the surface approaches the top and bottom points. A possibility is to FlowAlongSrf, with History, a pattern of points representing the center of each pattern element, adjust these, then when these are evenly spaced, OrientOnSrf copies of the a pattern element to the points.

PanelingTools might also come in handy here - http://wiki.mcneel.com/labs/panelingtools


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