_Distribute order

Is there any way to reverse or otherwise influence the order in which items are distributed using the Distribute command in v6?

I was pretty excited to be able to do this natively, but I design staircases and I need the items to be distributed in the correct direction.

Hello - I am not sure I know what you mean - is the starting position ‘un-ordered’ somehow, all objects piled on top of one another? The order should be maintained so moving one object to the end position and having the others in the desired order in between, should get you an even distribution…


Think about a Staircase, the treads should go up in order from 1-10. Mine
are ascending from 10-1, so my first tread is at the top of the Stair
instead of the bottom.

Each tread is a different shape, so I can’t just mirror it.

Hi Adam - distrbute helps to, for example, get from this

to this:

Not sure how that fits in with your needs…


Use Rotate3D command twice about mutually perpendicular axes.

Not really following you, but I think that manual distribution would be faster…