Distribute new tab to other users

How can I distribute a new tab to other users - reluctant to send them a NEW " default " rui file.


Hi Keith- in the Toolbar page of Options > File menu, create a new RUI file- then highlight that file in the list and Import Toolbars (File menu again) and point the dialog to the Default rui ,or whatever rui has the ‘tab’ you want and import just that toolbar into your new rui file and save it. That new file should now contain just the one toolbar and that is what you’d send out.

Any luck?


Can that toolbar then be converted back into a " tab " - the tabs are so much cleaner ( visually ).

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Hi Keith- Yes- if the user open the new RUI file, dragging the new toolbar onto an existing row of tabs should import that toolbar to whatever rui files has the row of tabs.


Can you upload a sample " tab " rui - at the moment my imported tab remains a toolbar.

Hi Keith- there is no difference- if your single toolbar is docked, it will not show a tab, to save space, but if you drag it out onto the Rhino window you should see a tab- you can then drag it by its tab to nest with any other existing toolbars.

Any luck?


Thanks - dragging the toolbar by the tab worked for me :smile:

@Pascal_G when the new toolbar is dragged onto the tabs - I notice that Rhino’s default toolbar collection is then populated with new toolbars.

If I subsequently issue an update then Rhino will generate a new name for these toolbars - the only way to stop this would be to run toolbar-reset, which would loose other plugin/users custom tabs.

Is there a better way round this.

Hi Keith - if you are going to modify Default.rui, (like by importing a new toolbar) then you should SaveAs this rui file first, in options >Toolbar, to some other name.