Distribute makes a skewed array?

In R7, I have a two dimensional array and I want to add a gap between the columns. When I use Distribute in the x direction, the result is skewed. Why is this and can I do I what I am trying?


Group your vertical columns so you are Distributing 3 objects.
Set the gap you want between the columns, and choose the XAxis.


Thanks. I was hoping to avoid that since I actually have many more columns and they’re not all the same. I’d also like to understand why Distribute behaves as it does without grouping - it seems like it should figure out that only gaps are needed in the x direction for the original non-grouped array.

That would be a question for the developer. Off-hand, I do not know who that is.

I solved my issue with a Python script so I don’t want to belabor this too much. But if neither one of us understands why Distribute produces the result in the OP, isn’t it a bug?