Distribute L-shaped crv along boundary crv

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone could help me solve this.

I’m lookin for a solution to distribute an L-shaped curve along a plot boundary crv (round/irregular closed crv).

  • Both lenghts on the “L” are fixed (2438 & 6058) and the angle has to be kept at 90 degrees.
  • Intersection point in the “L” should be were it also intersects the boundary crv.
  • The “L” also has to connect after one another
  • The angle in the connection point between “Ls” are flexible to enable it to rotate and connect to the boundary crv.

I’ve attatched an image to explain it better. Any help would be highly appreciated!


There is a thread somewhere where people are trying to make points on curve keeping a constant distance between the points.

I fear your case is more complex because of the fixed lengths + angle. You can’t mantain that when the curvature becomes smaller.

Here’s a possible solution using Anemone. I don’t think a solution is always possible though and will depend on the legs of the L, the wiggliness of the path curve and the number of iterations.

L along Curve.gh (15.5 KB)