Distorting an object to look folded

Hey everyone, I’d appreciate any help I can get! Basically, I have a tube shaped object that I want to pinch, twist, and fold different ways to give the impression of this http://imgur.com/scbpbmq
I made the object in Solidworks and have been trying to distort it in Rhino (I have very little rhino experience).
I can provide files if it’d help. Thank you!

That’s not all that easy as a first project.

One approach is to start from scratch and make closed curves at several elevations and loft these. With history enabled, you can edit the curves afterwards and have the surface update.

Or you could try the CageEdit command on the object that you have. Set the amount of cage points in the x, y, and z directions to something that seems fit.

You might have the most luck making a cylindrical surface with maybe 8 points around the circumference and as many high as it seems you need to get the fold over. Then use this surface as the cage object when running cageedit. After that, I’d use the gumball selecting rows of points in the cage. SelU and SelV are super helpful during the control point selection.