Distorted render colours


Not sure how I managed, but when now in render view many colours have been distorted / altered.
Problem is many different colours & object in same layer (as it would be too many layers)…
Have tried resetting “everything” to default, to no avail.

Is there any way to have rendered view copy colours from wireframe / shaded?


Hei Joachim -

I’m afraid I’m not getting much from your description. Could you provide a small 3dm file (with, perhaps, a single object that demonstrates the behavior), the output from the Rhino SystemInfo command, and a screenshot of what you see on your system?

Takker, Joachim -
That SystemInfo would be more useful in its complete version in text format, but, from the picture, it might not matter much.

From that picture, though, I can’t see anything wrong. Of course, I can’t tell which object is on which layer with which color and all possible overrides. Can you point out the distortion and hopefully post a surface or two in a 3dm file?


Problem is much of it is same layer, but objects should still be their assigned colour.
Very novice at this still… the distortion is surface colours change when in render view (to f.ex. gray from orange) even though I check and assign render colours it alters the colour when in render view…

I am at a loss.

Could it be a glitch?

Thanks again for any help.


Attached screenshot of some objects… have now assigned all to different layers, assigned their specific materials and colours yet in render view all are still distorted.