Distance to sheet border?

Hi Is there a way to have a zero distance to the border of the sheet but at the same time have a specified distance between items that are nested? I cant find a way to do this but I might be missing something…
Any tip would be much appreciated!

Currently, the border and distance to elements are the same.
I merged those two options in code, since there was no requests upon this.

The Other way around would be to simply nest in a larger border while keeping the same offset value.

Hi Petras! And thanks for reply!
Yeah I figured that I could do that after some time… But I would like to put in a request for this option! If its not a whole lot of work making it possible? More intuitive I think… And thank you for OpenNest anyway!

I will put this in my to do list for the new version;)

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Great! looking forward to that :slight_smile: