Distance measurement wish - small enhancement flatten distances

when measuring distance in 3d you get this:
many times i need to obtain dimensions in projections thus “flattened” distances.

This could be added easily (i dare to say) and would be nice to have.


How would that be different from the deltas in CPlane and World coordinate system

dx / dy / dz


… flatten distance in plane = sqrt(dy2+dx2)

thats why i say it is dead easy to implement but is helpful because lot of stuff in civil engineering is analyzed in plan but measured in 3d (ramp length … )

i would consider this for every measrument tool such as angle measurement and similar when i measure angle of two 3d curves i want to know angle just in plan for example

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My work is rarely on orthogonal models, most of my measurements are on custom CPlanes.
I created a button which let’s me set the CPlane to the Gumball so for example I can select a subsurface of a Brep and then hit the button and measure in Object space.

Another way to measure a flattened distance is by projecting the snap to the CPlane.

yes thats what i am talking about but when you use measure tool and select end points of 3d line you will not get the info about length in projection to plan …

I agree that this would be a nice option to have, makes perfect sense when you already get the “CPlane angles and deltas” with the Distance command. Similarly there could be “Distance on CPlane” shown.

You can also get the projected distance by using the “Project” Osnap when using the Distance command.



Hello - what is the measure tool, Length, or Distance? Distance will give the projected distance with Project on Osnap, isn’t that what you are looking for? Or I guess you mean an arbitrary curve, not a line, maybe.

! _ProjectToCplane _Pause _Enter _SelLast _Length _Delete


yes with project i get projected distance. did not know about that option.