Distance between closest curves

I’m trying to find a way of optimising the solution created by @Joseph_Oster , in order to measure the shortest distance between adjacent curves. As you can see in the image and file attached the more curves included, the messier the annotation becomes. To reduce this I’m looking for a way of reducing the outputs and only making the dimensions to directly adjacent curves visible.

I’m not sure if this could be done by setting a limit on the dimension size, or whether there is a command to maximise the dimensions per curve to only one or two…

Thank you for any help!!

Proximity Curve Dimensions.gh (9.9 KB)


Here are two solutions, one limiting the length of the dimension, the other limiting the amount of adjacent curves.

Proximity Curve Dimensions.gh (19.0 KB)

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Thanks very much. Which plugins are you using in this solution?

This should be Elefront’s Define Linear Dimension. You should get a message when you open the file, offering you to download the assembly from Package Manager.
Alternatively, there is the native GH Line Dimension component.

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