DISSECTED LIGHT Workshop - 22-25 March 2016, Fab Lab Toscana, Siena (Italy)


Light Design through Laser Fabrication
22-25 March 2016
Fab Lab Toscana, Siena

Tutor: Rodrigo Aguirre

Reshape, in collaboration with Noumena and Fab Lab Toscana, has organized DISSECTED LIGHT, a workshop which will explore boolean algorithms to generate and prototype lamps.

"Dissection is an instrument for studying the internal structure of something. Inspired by this technique we will apply it to digital manufacturing specifically to laser cutting, This in combination with illumination will create a light object product. The outcome will become a subtle night stand with translucent and diffused light.

The connection between light and laser engraving works both ways: the design will affect the light making it softer because the laser will create texture on the transparent material and the light will affect the design by altering the way we perceive the image. With the help of Rhino3D + Grasshopper we will digitally dissect complex geometries, boolean massing, visualize and transform into digital fabrication protocols."


Day 1
10:00-13:00 // Workshop Introduction
14:00-18:00 // Tutorial Session: Exercises

Day 2
10:00-13:00 // Tutorial Session: Conceptualization
14:00-18:00 // Tutorial Session: Design Development

Day 3
10:00-13:00 // Prototyping
14:00-18:00 // Prototyping

Day 4
10:00-13:00 // Prototyping and Production
14:00-18:00 // Production and assembly, Final Presentation

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For further details please contact: Noumena | info@noumena.io

Posted Mar 02, 2016 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.