Dissapears window


Hello !

When opening e.g. Excel, window with layers, properties etc. dissapears.

Look at photos

Thanks Jaro



Floating toolbars and pallets will hide when Rhino is not active. If you don’t like this behavior you can use testHideOnDeactivate No to make them stick around. This will only work for as long as that Rhino session is active, then resets (as is the case with all test commands). If you want this behavior every time, you can stick it your Rhino Options->General->Run these commands every time Rhino starts.

(Brian Gillespie) #4

Rhino hides these windows because it can be very confusing to leave them visible ans floating outside the Rhino main window, especially when two or more instances of Rhino are running. That is, it is difficult to tell which Layer or Properties dialog box goes with which Rhino.


Very usefull.