DisplayPipeline.DrawPoint, PointStyle, SecondarySize

Hi McNeel,

for the DisplayPipeline.DrawPoint methods with PointStyle argument, I have three suggestions,

A) could you add another size parameter or replace SecondarySize parameter (which seems to be an offset, not a size) for a real secondary size? I mean, with radius you control one dimension, I’d like to be able to control the other dimension to make ellipses or rectangles.

B) It would also be very useful to use a plane instead of a point to orient the shape.

C) And it would be great a PointStyle.Custom and in the methods include an option that accepts a function that returns a list of points or something like that to draw custom shapes.

I have faced these three limitations when trying to draw a labeled graph, i.e. elliptical tags for the nodes and non camera oriented tags for the links that connect two nodes. Is there another workaround to draw this without accepting these limitations?


Can we get a screen show of what you are drawing?


– Dale

I used geometry to make the shapes, but it would be interesting to have native support as symbols or tags.
And the arrowhead doesn’t scale well and I had tried all the parameter settings. I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to give it a size according to the distance from the camera, but it also seemed to me that it should be native or that I didn’t manage to do it because of something not expected.

Thanks for your reply!

Hi Dani,
Yes! I totally support your idea! A custom shape display could also help the production of design diagrams a great deal by saving a lot of Adobe Illustrator works and really speed up the whole workflow. Another potential is that the custom shape can act as an equivalent of Sketchup’s camera-oriented components, which I believe is wanted by architectural users for decades (some scripts may do similar work but the performance/display frame rate loss is too heavy to accept, especially in large architectural/urban scenes).