DisplayMode not printing


We ran into an issue where details set to a specific displaymode do not print. Although they do show up on screen.
To only solution we found was to recreate the modes from scratch.

the mode in question was probably exported from V5 at some point and recreating that workflow I could duplicate the issue:
test_mode.ini (10.9 KB)

Assigning this mode to a detail in V6 will shouw the mode correctly yet it will not print.

Related to this:
I was surprised to find that after I recreated the modes from scratch the assignment to the details was lost. Am I correct to assume that displaymodes are assigned by their unique id and as such adding similar named modes does not work? Would there be a way in RhinoCommon to find this assigned ID and edit a mode .ini file to recreate the mode with the correct id?


If you change the lines:




it should print.


Hi Willem - RhinoCommon has info on the modes, including id -

Does that help with your second question?


Hi Sam

Thanks, it’s odd to me that there is a discrepancy between what we see on screen and what is printed.
These seem versioning issues not caught by the importer.

It’s a borderline issue anyway, as think not many users go through this export import loop.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for digging this up. Not sure how useful it’ll be but I got curious why the same name did not work.