Displaying the Measurements for a PDF

Magnet.3dm (87.3 KB)

Not sure if your able to view the project with the above link but if you are then great!
I’ve been trying to deal with a company to get this magnet created. Its a 2" diameter, .75" tall cylinder with a hole bored in the middle. I tried creating it through another program, modo, and was able to build, save and send the .lxo file to him but he returned the email requesting a PDF file format. I’d like to be able to just send him one more email with as much detail as I can so I can be finished with this guy and get a quote. However I’ve been looking through the forums and I’ve watched the first 3 tutorials but I’m not seeing anything for being able to permanently display the dimensions for this so they show up in the PDF file.

Hi Drue - I think Layouts will help - you don’t need them to make dimensions but it is somewhat cleaner to print. However as is, your object is hard to dimension - run DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents=Yes on it, then create a layout and add dimensions. Also please run the CreaseSplitting command and make sure splitting is set to Yes.
Magnet_PG.pdf (359.0 KB)
Magnet_PG.3dm (106.2 KB)


Thank you I will give it try