Displayed views in the context of one technical view?

new to Rhino and am to the point navigation is no longer an insurmountable problem thanks to a number of YouTube videos. given the objective of configuring Rhino to look/feel like my CAD program, I’ve managed to find the one view command and the “technical view port” command to eliminate the grid. does Rhino have a command/switch to display a World coordinate system symbol or do I have to make one for myself in a locked layer in each project file? can anyone recommend one or more YouTube videos that explain displayed views in the context of one technical view? I’m looking for the Rhino approach to view the global: XY plane, YZ plane, XZ plane, and the current construction plane in a one technical view context. and finally I’m looking for a YouTube video that explains how to specify the displayed line width and again any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Hi -

You don’t need to resort to the Technical display mode to get rid of the grid.
You can either turn it off in the Document Properties > Grid > Grid properties > Show grid lines setting or modify (or create a copy) of the display mode that you use: Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > [_your mode_] > Grid.

I’m not sure what you have in mind but it’s likely that this is also controlled by settings on those pages.