Displayed color differs from chosen color in ShapeDiver


Does someone know why the displayed color in ShapeDiver differs from the chosen one and how to solve this issue? I would like the object to have the darker blue color indicated on the right.

Thanks in advance!

Please link to an example model so I can reproduce the issue. It is likely an issue coming from your lighting setup.


Is this fine?

I reviewed the example. The color of the object changes according to the color parameter.
Are you referring to the subtle differences in color?

Hi Alexander

Yes, exactly. I played around with the scene settings and found out that the reinhard tonemapping seems to come closest to the actual blue tone I want (see pic).

However, then the dark grey background and white ground plate are off even more. And, the scene settings don’t seem to transfer with the api viewer embedding (my other question you answered to). With the V2 you mentioned there, I don’t see the option of adjusting the scene settings at all.

Still hoping you can help… Thanks!

Ok, so this solves the issue, correct?

Please note that you can choose any color you like for ground plane and background color, i.e. you should be able to get to the color you want.

Not really, in shapediver itself I can either get the right blue or the right white, not both… and on the website I don’t even have a choice because the scene settings don’t transfer over. I also cannot change the colour of the ground plate, since this chance is also part of the scene settings. In theory, yes, I can choose any colour, but the displayed colour differs from the chosen colour.

Hello @Serena_Loggia!

There are two things that I’m going to address separately.

First, the subtle color difference that you are noticing in your original question come from a color conversion issue that we are currently working on. This issue leads to colors being displayed slightly different than they should be. We are working on it and will have this resolved soon!

Second, in you api viewer embedding that you are using, you are using an older version. This version includes the Version 2 of the Viewer which does not support the ground plane coloring and renders the scene differently in general. In general, this is not a problem at all, but in your case you can see that the rendering and the settings that you can adjust there are different.

Here are the options I see for you if you want to have the colored ground plane:

  • Switch to the new embedding.
  • Add a ground plane yourself in GrassHopper and disable the one that we provide.

I hope that helps.

Cheers, Michael

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your answer, it was very helpful!