Display turns black - what's going on?

Yeah, I know the trick but each face has an individual colour to resemble stacked books on a shelves (see it in rendered mode). Once joined they will have one colour only.

I don’t see colors on the meshes

And even then I think you should be able to use a texture to accomplish that.

As an aside, it is pretty useless to turn on the interior objects when they aren’t visible from the angle(s) you are rendering. Turn them off when they aren’t visible and save resources, make the rendering faster.

C’mon Nathan, I wasn’t born yesterday :slight_smile:
There are cases like this, more complex, built on merging multiple images and this one is only single layer.

I see this in Rendered mode:


Check shaded then.

Right, shaded works - you are using display color, which is for modes like Wireframe, Shaded, Ghosted.

For rendering purposes (Rendered mode, Raytraced mode, Rhino Render, Brazil, etc) I’d simplify these books such that you’d have a simple plane per shelf that has a diffuse texture assigned with alpha channel. You can have then as many colors and sized-books as you want. Even with text on them.

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Do you guys even sleep sometimes? :slight_smile: